Adult arab chats

This chart uses special alghorithm which determines the number of daily active users (DAU), message quality and quantity, many other things are taken into consideration too. There are additional vocabularies, language packs, and voices that can be purchased in the Upgrade Store from within the Touch Chat App. Learn more Gateway© Vocabulary (9.99 USD) tax* Gateway is a set of core word page sets enabling efficient message generation by children-adults.After purchasing and downloading the language pack, you will receive 8 Arabic Vocabulary files.Learn more Canadian French Language Pack (FREE) Canadian French Vocabulary files are available as an add-on for the Touch Chat app.Vocabularies include Child, 12, 20, 40, 66; Teen 20, 30, 40, Adult 66; Text 40, 66, Pro all of which will be available to you when you purchase Gateway.Learn more Pixon™60 for Touch Chat (.99 USD) tax* The Pixon™ Project Kit provides 10 different manual communication boards.

Unique Learning System (.99 USD) tax* This one-time purchase will provide access to communication boards that correspond to Unique, the monthly curriculum from N2Y, allowing the student to participate in classroom activities and socialize with teachers and peers.

Learn more Voices (.99 USD each) tax* There are 15 voices currently available for purchase in the Upgrade Store.

These voices are Ella, a female child’s American English voice, Josh, a male child’s American English voice, Rosie, a female child’s British English voice, Harry, a male child’s British English voice, Scott, a male child's US English voice, Valeria, a female child's US Bilingual-English voice, Valeria, a female child's US Bilingual-Spanish voice, Emilio, a male child's US Bilingual-English voice, Emilio, a male child's US Bilingual Spanish voice, Olivia, a female child's Australian voice, Liam, a male child's Australian voice, Leila, an adult female Arabic voice, Salma, an adult female Arabic voice, Mehdi, an adult male Arabic voice, and Nizar, an adult male Arabic voice.

One of those boards - the 50-location core board - has been modified to create Pixon™60, with 59 core words and additional vocabulary for personal core and classroom activities.

Learn more Hebrew Language Pack (9.99 USD) tax* Hebrew Vocabulary files are available as an add-on for the Touch Chat app.

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